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What is included in before, aftercare, day camps, Spring Break and Summer Camp?


  • Breakfast (day camps and Spring Break and Summer Camp)

  • Snacks

  • Center time

  • Outdoor games and activities

  • Specials classes: Arts and crafts, Science, Cooking

  • Theme-based activities conducted in Spanish

  • Water refills for the children's hydration needs

Does WLO offer a first responder discount? 

Yes, first responders receive a 15% discount applied to one child per household, our way of supporting those who serve our community.


Does WLO offer a siblings discount? 

Sibling Discount: Enjoy a 15% reduction in fees for one of your children. For instance, one child pays $350, while the sibling pays $298, resulting in a combined monthly fee of $648 for both.


Do children nap during day camps and summer camp?

Pre K3 and Pre K4 students nap.


What is WLO's inclement weather policy? 

In case of rain, storm, or extreme heat, all scheduled physical activities are moved indoors. 


What is WLO’s refund policy?

A refund request must be submitted a minimum of 10 business days prior to the start of the session. The session fee will be refunded minus a 15% transaction fee. Unfortunately, a refund will not be approved for a session in progress. The transmittal date on the refund request (email) determines if a refund is granted.






We're committed to providing a nurturing and engaging environment for your little ones while accommodating various schedules and preferences. Contact us to learn more or enroll your child today!

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