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Meet the Founder

Oneiz Mercado

Educator | Mentor | Cultural Ambassador

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My Story

I'm Oneiz Mercado, the founder of Wise Little Owls. My father's belief in the power of language and cultural understanding ignited my passion for providing children with diverse opportunities. As a teacher, I'm driven to share the same passion he instilled in me. 


At Wise Little Owls, we embrace diversity, nurture empathy, and foster a global perspective inspired by the Ubuntu philosophy - "I am because we are." This ethos shapes our approach, creating an environment where children celebrate various cultures monthly.


Additionally, our commitment to affordability ensures that every child, regardless of socio-economic background, can access our programs. Wise Little Owls isn't just a daycare; it's a haven where I celebrate diversity, nurture empathy, and foster a global perspective. My experiences shape our values, creating an environment that enriches every child's journey through language, culture, and emotional well-being.




  Company Profile 


At Wise Little Owls we understand the importance of helping children develop empathy and appreciate diversity.

Consequently, our personnel not only support early learners in academics but also introduce them to global

citizenship by exposing them to different international foods, music, fun activities and games from a variety

of Hispanic countries. We focus on catering to                 children's social-emotional well-being as we consider this

the most important service any adult who works with young learners       can provide. Therefore, our dedicated

and professional team offers a holistic approach that focuses on student's emotions, cognition and creativity. 


  Our Mission

To provide young learners of any socioeconomic or cultural background with fun, engaging and spontaneous

learning opportunities to strengthen their Spanish language skills in a nurturing environment. 


  Our Core Goals


  • Develop Spanish language skills

  • Strengthen social-emotional skills

  • Promote problem-solving

  • Encourage creativity and motivation through play


   Our Core Values 


  • Promote children’s unique learning styles and interests

  • Make all children feel welcome         

  • Promote a sense of belonging

  • Respect

Locations and Contact information 



  Shirley Chisholm Elementary School 

  1001 G St. S.E.

  Washington, D.C.  


  Wise Little Owls Day Camp Center

  907 12th St. S.E. Washington, DC 


   Program Coordinator: Mildred Fune

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